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RPCC: Public resource blockchain for global resource sharing

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RPCC: Public resource blockchain for global resource sharing

February 27
04:09 2020

2018 is the first year of the public chain, and there has been a boom of blockchains. Blockchain can be roughly divided into three types: Public chain, private chain and alliance chain. The public chain refers to blockchain that is open to everyone. This is not difficult to understand. Private chain is a blockchain open to individuals or entities; Alliance chain is the alternative of the two, which is a blockchain open to specific organizations.

One of the most widely used is the public chain, because it is open, so inclusive. Public chain can be regarded as a system, and the mechanism of each system is different. There are many DAPP running on this system. The ancestor of the public chain, known as bitcoin blockchain, is the blockchain with the largest application at present. Later ETH, EOS, ONT, NEO, etc. all belong to the public chain. The public chain has its own main chain, and constructs its own token system, which cannot compete with the traditional Internet in the speed and field of resource integration. As a result, the RPCC resource public blockchain dedicated to global resource sharing has been created. It is said that 2018 is the first year of public chain. Therefore, 2020 will be the year of blockchain implementation. Little chips light great fires. It can be predicted that with the in-depth research and the exploration of the industry, the RPCC blockchain revolution will be prosperous in various fields in the future, leading human civilization to a new chapter. 

RPCC resource public blockchain – technological innovation

RPCC resource public blockchain is developed by the global resource blockchain business foundation and the top technical experts in the global blockchain industry for three years. In the first three stages of blockchain development, there are some problems in the application of blockchain technology, such as low practicability, long transaction confirmation time, weak multi chain Integration and large storage space. Therefore, in the next stage of blockchain development, blockchain V4.0 needs to solve the problems such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, privacy protection, regulatory problems, etc. RPCC resource public blockchain develops and designs a new version of public blockchain based on blockchain 3.0. The technical index is blockchain 4.0, with more than 3 million TPS throughput. In terms of technology, it can be said that the blockchain has been innovated.

RPCC blockchain 4.0 will also be integrated with supercomputing, artificial intelligence, big data collection and analysis and other fields to build a virtual space real society, an efficient, open and shared high trust society.

On the basis of application development, blockchain 4.0 focuses more on promoting the integration of various applications in the public chain. RPCC provides a smooth channel for the realization of global value interconnection.

1. Multi chain parallel mechanism for concurrent processing.

The RPCC resource public blockchain adopts multi chain parallel design, which makes the blockchain more efficient

2. Flexible cross chain mechanism for cross chain communication

The RPCC resource public blockchain adopts the multi chain parallel mechanism, so there will be no jam. Moreover, the RPCC has designed a common code base, which uses the same interface to make it more fluent.

3. High throughput design with TPS throughput of 3 million, meeting commercial requirements

The RPCC resource public blockchain adopts DAG (directed acyclic graph) directed acyclic graph design and multi chain parallel mechanism, which is more suitable for commercial needs. The original anonymous P2P communication network realizes the method of anonymous access of nodes and the communication protocol of private encryption. 

RPCC resource public blockchain aims to provide financial support and financing cooperation for national and regional enterprises with high-quality tourism resources, rich mining resources, and seeking development in the field of intelligent high-tech R & D and new energy development, promote the application of blockchain, and open up services such as blockchain digital currency circulation, payment, settlement, resource and asset digitization.

Fully decentralized international public chain: The public chain is open to the public. Users can participate anonymously without registration, and they can access the network and blockchain without authorization. Nodes can be chosen to access the network freely.   This means that the blocks of the RPCC resource public blockchain can be viewed by anyone. Anyone can also send transactions on the public chain, and they can also participate in reaching a consensus on the network at any time, that is, deciding which block can join the blockchain and recording the current network status. Public chain is a completely decentralized blockchain in the real sense.

Therefore, RPCC resource public blockchain can better integrate global resources and realize the vision of economic globalization, resource globalization, information globalization and trade globalization to promote economic development.

There are many high-quality resources in RPCC resource public blockchain ecology, such as: 

tourist resources

oil resources

gem resources

RPCC resource public blockchain is committed to integrating global excellent resources. In the future, more countries or regions and enterprises will join the ecology of RPCC resource public blockchain and benefit from the development and application of RPCC resource public blockchain.

RPCC resource public blockchain – ecological implementing application scenario

1. Blockchain mall token

The RPCC resource public blockchain mall takes the chain as the platform and carrier of the industry. As the integral or voucher of the mall, the RPCC resource public blockchain platform currency has the media function of maximizing the investment appreciation benefit.

Not only can users enjoy high-value shopping in the mall, covering people’s needs in all aspects of life, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, tourism, cars, houses and other products, but also through blockchain technology, they can create more favorable prices than ordinary online shopping malls. All users of RPCC can RPCC platform currency for unified settlement, greatly reducing their costs and capital flow rates, but also can obtain unexpected appreciation returns.

2. Multi currency wallet

RPCC multi currency wallet is a digital currency universal mobile application terminal based on independent blockchain. EFC public chain system provides the function of “universal private key”, solves the problem of multi currency and multi private key, and creates the digital asset in the era of blockchain through strong technical strength, functionality, practicability and ease of use.

3. Global payments

RPCC payment is a payment platform based on blockchain, which can use cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. RPCC payment system includes RPCC wallet, which can use different cryptocurrencies for global circulation.

The future of RPCC resource public blockchain

Science and technology are leading the trend in the 21st century. The virtual world is reconstructing the real world.  The information internet will definitely transfer to the value internet.  Therefore, the blockchain arises at this crucial moment, and it must be the future development trend. As the underlying infrastructure of blockchain application, the research and development of public chain will surely receive more attention. It is just like windows and MacOS are for the operating system of computers, the public chain builds the bottom operating system for the whole blockchain industry. 

Inside and outside the arena, blockchain is a buzz word. “Blockchain application” has become an important way and the direction to promote leading technological innovation. Efforts should be made in increasing investment in the blockchain industry, solving key technical problems, and accelerating the development of blockchain and industrial innovation. This undoubtedly shows that no matter the key of “blockchain 3.0” or the proposal of “blockchain 4.0” RPCC resource public blockchain, only the real public chain can carry real business model innovation. If it is only an alliance chain, or it is a semi centralized solution, it can not realize the change of business model on a large scale.

As the whole ecological infrastructure, public chain should be paid attention to in the current blockchain industry. Although 2018 is known as the first year of the battle of the public chain, people have also seen the blooming, but various projects are still in a relatively early stage, and there are various problems.

2020 is the year of the implementation of public chain, especially in the ecological development of public chain. It is expected that the RPCC resource public blockchain can take advantage of the development trend of blockchain globalization, bring more resources to the whole industry, effectively promote the research at the bottom and the construction of ecology, so that all fields can be effectively implemented, and truly bring the blockchain technology into the society. Innovate and formulate industry standards, lead the way for the development and innovation of the industry, gradually realize the innovation of blockchain industry, and actively promote the integration of blockchain and economic and social development. 

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