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Aimed at the hundreds of billions of market, the MH Foundation has successfully created a brand-new value ecological chain

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Aimed at the hundreds of billions of market, the MH Foundation has successfully created a brand-new value ecological chain

January 17
23:34 2020

Now the digital currency blockchain technology industry is developing at a high speed, and every day there are $400 billion poured in the industry, and in 10 days, it will be $400 billion, in 100 days, $40,000 billion, and in 1000 days, $400,000 billion. In other words, over the next two to three years, hundreds of millions of dollars will be poured into the currency circle, creating a new global digital currency capital market. Behind all this is the background of this great era. An era in which advances in generative and productive relationships are established on the basis of algorithms and computations.

Showing the future, the MH Foundation leads the way!

The effective market value management investment tools are insufficient in the digital asset market, so as lead to a higher threshold for users’ participation. A user may need to sign up for dozens of platforms if he wants to trade digital assets, and also need to check the information on dozens of platforms. If you can provide users with a full ecosystem of market value management, the users’ sense of product experience will be enhanced a lot.

Seeds absorb nutrients and water from the earth from their germination, soil breaking to growing, when the seeds grow into a towering tree, they will return the land with green shade and fruitful fruits. With such kind of “kindness”, the MH Foundation pays back for the technology they love.

The MH International Foundation, or MH Foundation, has a certificate ID of # 20191680026 and a registered address of 1950 S. Colorado Blvd. The MH Foundation is a legitimate foundation approved by the SEC and fully compliant with U. S. laws and regulations. It can conduct legally Token-related activities around the world and is subject to SEC supervision.

The MH Foundation, initiated by global blockchain enthusiasts and jointly launched by several world-renowned communities, is the first mainstream authoritative market value management and investment system in the United States and even the world. Currently it covers a number of countries around the world, with the entire network 1 million + community traffic. In 2020, the MH Foundation officially launched Money Home, the world’s first vertical public chain of market value management and investment.

Looking into the future, explore innovative mechanisms to achieve multi-win!

The MH Foundation found that in a Token economy, maximization of transaction volume and liquidity is only a transitional indicator, while maximization of currency value is the ultimate indicator. This requires a series of capital and market operations (Token Incentives, Community Operations, Investment Incubation, etc.) to constantly realize the competitiveness and the wealth of Token holders through the interaction of production and finance and the realization of the value of the currency.

Therefore, MH Foundation, community, technical team and exchange jointly create a safe, high-efficient and reliable new ecosystem focusing on the market value management and investment industry, which not only optimizes the operation process, lowers the entry threshold of the blockchain, improves the user experience through the innovation mode, but also offers customized services based on the Money Home public chain system, such as project partners, users, communities. As a result, MONEY HOME can circulate efficiently and quickly all over the world.

Money Home proposed a “blockchain + investment” commercial solution, in virtue of the characteristics such as block chain technology credibility, decentralization, and intelligent contract, it achieves a seamless integration of all ecological multi-party and becomes a B2B2C system, so as to provide users with a sustainable development platform and to achieve multi-win new ecology.

Welcome the future hand in hand, invite you to share the wealth feast!

The rise of the blockchain economy is unstoppable, and only by embracing it can we win in the future. The MH Foundation unites several powerful communities to build a new value ecology around mh talking, allowing values to be re-agreed.

Money Home will step up its campaign this year, creating brand value through online + offline channels, letting more people know about Money Home, join Money Home, stick to faith and protect value. Money Home ecological participation can not only realize the win-win of community members through intelligent investment, quantitative transaction, API transaction, intelligent contract and so on, but also deeply participate in the new ecology of one-stop market value management investment, thus getting the reward and benefit of MH, and constructing the strong future financial ecology of Money Home together.

As the world’s first market value management and investment industry vertical public chain, Money Home stays true to the mission, moves forward, and finally achieves multi-win new ecology  in order to meet the users of the new era experience at the same time, and together with the far-sighted personages, Money Home is willing to focus on the forefront and win-win, promote digital economic innovation cooperation, link the world, and share a wealth feast with you.

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