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To be the “leading geese” in the global supercritical extraction equipment manufacturing industry

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To be the “leading geese” in the global supercritical extraction equipment manufacturing industry

November 05
22:56 2019

On October 11, Nantong Huaan Supercritical CO2 Extraction System Co., Ltd. (Located in Jiangsu, China, referred to as Nantong Huaan) successfully sent a HA420-40-120 CO2 extraction equipment to New Zealand, which is the 36th device that the company sent abroad this year, this event indicates that Nantong Huaan has completed 80% of the annual export sales target.

14 sets of 300L Super critical CO2 CBD extraction equipment in Colorado, USA

Recently, Sino-US trade frictions are getting worse and worse, and import and export tariffs have caused many companies to express concern. Why can Nantong Huaan achieve the “curve overtaking”? Jin Xuesong, person in charge of enterprise, said, “Nantong Huaan has a strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology level, complete detection means, complete after-sales service, fully mastered the core technology of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment manufacturing, and the project has been included in the national torch plan and national new products.”

Large supercritical extraction equipment for CBD extraction (Hungary)

Founded in 1970, Nantong Huaan focused on the localization development and production of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment in 1989. After 30 years of development, it has formed a series of production capacity of large and medium test (production) devices, products all over the country, the market share is 80%. At present, the company’s main technical indicators and key equipment have reached the advanced level of similar devices in the world, and its products are also sold well in foreign markets such as the United States, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and North Korea.

“Nantong Huaan is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the first supercritical equipment manufacturer in China, and a small-scale pressure vessel industry standard-setting enterprise in China.” Jin Xuesong says, “talent training is the pursuit of Nantong Huaan, We have long maintained cooperation with universities and colleges such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University. Recently, we also provided aerogel supercritical drying technology support for a research institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the mail, and gave a process flow chart paper. Enterprise has nearly 20 kinds of utility model technology patents, and has obtained the national “Special Equipment Manufacturing License”, “CE Safety Certification” and a number of computer software copyright certificates.”

It is understood that supercritical fluid technology is a new separation technology in modern chemical separation. CO2 extraction uses CO2 as solvent. The density and dielectric constant of CO2 fluid in supercritical state are large, and change with pressure and temperature. Its extraction process is especially suitable for the extraction of fat-soluble, high-boiling, heat-sensitive substances, which can be widely used in the extraction and purification of various products such as biology, food, and medicine.

1000L supercritical extraction equipment in assembly (it will be exported to Thailand in 2020)

“With CO2 as the solvent, it does not affect the active ingredients of the extract, and has the advantages of high extraction speed, non-toxicity, non-flammability, no pollution to the environment, no solvent residue, and recyclability.” Jin Xuesong said, “Nantong Huaan extraction device can be divided into 18 combinations, such as one extraction two separation cycle type, one extraction two separation one column cycle type, four extraction two separation one column type and the like, which can meet the needs of customers.


When the geese are flying, there will always be a leader in front. This leader is called the leader geese. The metaphor has a certain appeal and leadership in people’s eyes , and has the power of example. This is a three-character idiom in China.

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