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UBi Launches First Web3-based Socialfi Platform with Post2Earn Model for Collaborative Influencers and Content Creators

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UBi Launches First Web3-based Socialfi Platform with Post2Earn Model for Collaborative Influencers and Content Creators

March 15
08:46 2023
UBi is creating a collaborative environment for influencers and content creators to earn passive income while building their network.

UBi, the first Web3-based Socialfi platform, has officially launched, bringing a new collaborating atmosphere to influencers and content creators. This data-driven blockchain rewards users in crypto rewards for engaging with others, creating a social network emphasizing collaboration and creativity.

UBi is a post2earn platform that rewards users based on user engagement with other influencers, making it easy for everyone to earn passive income. Users can post content and get paid based on the level of engagement it receives, allowing content creators to earn money while also building their network.

“Our platform is designed to be a hub of collaboration for influencers and content creators, where everyone can share their skills, knowledge, and creativity,” said Parul Sanghera, CEO of UBionline. “With UBi, we’re bringing together the best of social media and crypto to create a unique platform that rewards users for their engagement.”

UBi is integrated with web3 for fast, secure authentication, ensuring that users can access the platform without the need for usernames, passwords, email addresses, or phone numbers. The permissionless network also makes it accessible for everyone. Users can connect with their ERC wallet to the platform. Currently, running a beta version for selected users. The second version of the beta will be available for all users to download. 

“We’re excited to be at the forefront of the Socialfi movement, which is all about empowering users and rewarding them for their contributions,” said JK Patel, advisor for UBionline. “With UBi, we’re creating a not only fun and engaging platform but also financially rewarding, giving users the opportunity to earn crypto while they collaborate.”

“We are happy to see such positive feedback from our beta users,” said Sanghera. “It’s a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, who have worked tirelessly to bring UBi to life.”

UBi is a game-changer for the social media industry, offering a unique platform combining with blockchain and bringing the next iteration of social media aka social finance. With its post2earn model and using an approach to work with the most reliable network Ethereum for seamless, secure optimized user experience, UBi is poised to revolutionize the way that influencers and content creators collaborate, making it easier than ever for everyone to earn passive income while building their network.

To learn more about UBi and to join the platform, visit

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