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Shaanxi’s Online Event “Planet of Fantasy” Ended in Success, Winning Hearts with Mind-Blowing Scenery

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Shaanxi’s Online Event “Planet of Fantasy” Ended in Success, Winning Hearts with Mind-Blowing Scenery

July 27
00:43 2022

Shaanxi-Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held an online event integrating the natural scenic areas of Shaanxi and the exploration of the universe— “Planet of Fantasy” — on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from 11th to 19th July to further present the unique natural and cultural landscapes of Shaanxi. Fans participated in the event by following the home pages of “Visit Shaanxi” on the aforementioned platforms. With spaceship tickets for “Star Travel” issued by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, numerous overseas travellers appreciated the unique, wonderful natural beauty of Shaanxi.

The marvellous geographical landscapes done by nature’s superlative craftsmanship on the vast land of Shaanxi wantonly display their extraordinary beauty. The red sandstone, the green grassland, and the white waterfall set off the beauty of one another, like asteroids spread out on the ground.

Invitation to the online event 

There were three stops in the “Planet of Fantasy” event. The natural beauty of Shaanxi was revealed to the fans through fantastic photos. With a video as the ending, the event demonstrated the “alien” charm of Shaanxi.

Jingbian Wave Valley and the golden Hukou Waterfalls 

The first stop was Mars in the Dream—Jingbian Wave Valley. The layers upon layers of red sandstone constitute the wavery, dynamic Danxia landform, which has a mysterious power to freeze the time, like the strangely charming Mars.

The second stop was the Guanshan Grassland, where you can see the Milky Way. In the daytime, it is boundless grassland. At night, it is where the Milky Way rests. Travellers can lie down in the arms of the grassland while appreciating the splendid starry night and feel like floating in the outer space.

The third stop was the Hukou Waterfall with the time-limited experience card for the Moon. At night, standing beside the spray from the Peach Blossom Flood Waterfall and looking above into the starry sky, travellers would feel as if they were in a fairyland. The special geographical location and climate create a “Shaanxi-limited-edition” view of the Moon Palace.

The “Planet of Fantasy” event was a novel, creative interaction initiated by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. The invitation sent out in the name of planets was well received. The nine-day online “extraterrestrial” tour gained over 10.09 million impressions and over 0.25 million interactions. With the heated aerospace theme, the event has presented the dignified, spectacular, and brilliant regional scenery and the unique culture of the Loess Plateau, expanded space for the development of cultural tourism, and manifested the great potential of Shaanxi’s culture and tourism going global. After having introduced terracotta warriors, Qinqiang Opera, Rougamo (or Chinese hamburger, a street food originating from the cuisine of Shaanxi Province), the Danxia landform, the Guanshan Grassland, and the Hukou Waterfall to the world, Shaanxi will continue with innovation, and let the world see the unfailing traditional and regional beauty of Shaanxi, as well as the long-lasting Chinese culture.

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