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Soft tissue sarcoma Market to Exhibit Remarkable Growth by 2032, Analyzes DelveInsight | Epizyme, Eli Lilly, Philogen, Karyopharm Therapeutics, Genentech, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eisai, Daiichi Sankyo

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Soft tissue sarcoma Market to Exhibit Remarkable Growth by 2032, Analyzes DelveInsight | Epizyme, Eli Lilly, Philogen, Karyopharm Therapeutics, Genentech, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eisai, Daiichi Sankyo

May 17
22:51 2022
Soft tissue sarcoma Market to Exhibit Remarkable Growth by 2032, Analyzes DelveInsight | Epizyme, Eli Lilly, Philogen, Karyopharm Therapeutics, Genentech, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eisai, Daiichi Sankyo
Soft tissue sarcoma Market

Soft tissue sarcoma (STS) is a broad term for cancers that start in soft tissues (muscle, tendons, fat, lymph and blood vessels, and nerves). STS are a rare and heterogeneous group of tumors, arising in connective tissues embryologically derived from the mesenchyme. Soft tissue sarcomas (STSs) comprises entities defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) classification based on a combination of distinctive morphological, immune-histochemical and molecular features.


DelveInsight added a new report titled “Soft Tissue Sarcoma Market Insight, Epidemiology and Market Forecast-2032” to its Market report portfolio. The report provides Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) Market Analysis, Market Size Forecast, detailed Epidemiology analysis and forecast, information related to Leading Companies along with the Competitive Analysis.


Some of the key highlights of the Soft Tissue Sarcoma market report are:-

  1. Sarcomas are uncommon cancers that can affect any part of the body, on the inside or outside, including the muscle, bone, tendons, blood vessels and fatty tissues. 15 people are diagnosed with sarcoma every day in the UK. That’s about 5,300 people a year.
  2. Among all the seven major markets, the United States accounts for the highest number of Soft Tissue Sarcoma cases.
  3. In the European countries, Germany had the highest Soft Tissue Sarcoma incident population with followed by Italy.
  4. The current Soft Tissue Sarcoma market size is mainly attributed by Votrient, Yondelis, Halaven and various Anthracycline and non-Anthracycline regimens. 
  5. The Soft Tissue Sarcoma market size is increasing with a significant CAGR of 6.47% during the forecast period (2017-30) for 7MM.
  6. Sarcoma survival rates have been very gradually increasing over the last two decades in the UK. Almost eight in 10 people (78%) diagnosed with sarcoma in the UK will live up to a year. The average percentage of people living three years after being diagnosed with sarcoma in the UK is 64.5%. The five-year survival rate for sarcoma is 55%.


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Key Benefits of the Report:

  1. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Market report covers a descriptive overview and comprehensive insight of the Soft Tissue Sarcoma epidemiology and Soft Tissue Sarcoma market in the 7MM (the United States, EU5 (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK) & Japan.)
  2. Soft Tissue Sarcoma market report provides insights on the current and emerging therapies.
  3. Soft Tissue Sarcoma market report provides a global historical and forecasted market covering drug outreach in 7 MM.
  4. Soft Tissue Sarcoma market report offers an edge that will help in developing business strategies by understanding trends shaping and driving the Soft Tissue Sarcoma market.


Soft-tissue sarcoma are rare neoplasms that can develop in supporting or connective tissue, such as the muscle, nerves, tendons, blood vessels and fatty and fibrous tissues. They commonly affect the arms, legs, and trunk. They also appear in the stomach and intestines (GIST) as well as behind the abdomen (retroperitoneal sarcomas) and the female reproductive system (gynecological sarcomas). Soft tissue sarcoma epidemiology is segmented by:

  • Gender-specific incidence
  • Type-specific incidence
  • Age-specific
  • Stage-specific
  • And extremities.

The different types of Soft Tissue Sarcoma that are included in the report are Leiomyosarcoma, followed by Fibroblastic sarcomas, and synovial sarcoma. The total Soft Tissue Sarcoma incidence cases in the United States were 2,961 cases of Leiomyosarcoma, followed by Fibroblastic sarcomas, and synovial sarcoma.

The age-specific incidence group include less than 20 years, 21–54 years, and 55 plus years. It is estimated that the most incident age-group for Soft Tissue Sarcoma in the US was 55+ years in 2017. The patients of age groups 21–54 years were observed to be the second-highest in 2017.

The stage-specific incidence in the US estimated the localized stage accounted to be 60% of overall Soft Tissue Sarcoma cases in 2017. There were 7,434 cases of localized type, 2,354 cases of regional type, 1,859 cases of distant type, and 743 cases of unknown type.  

The current treatment landscape of STS is mainly dependent on targeted therapy, chemotherapy, anti-angiogenesis drugs, and radiation therapy. But the approved therapies are not up to the mark as they are associated with significant side effects as well as inefficacy.


The launch of the emerging therapies is expected to significantly impact Soft Tissue Sarcoma treatment scenario in the upcoming years (2020–2030). Among the 7MM, US accounts for the largest market size of STS, in comparison to EU5 (United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Spain) and Japan.


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Soft Tissue Sarcoma Drugs covered

  • BI 836880 Combined With Ezabenlimab
  • Tazemetostat in Combination With Doxorubicin
  • BA3021
  • ADP-A2M4
  • GSK3377794
  • Crenolanib
  • And many others


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Soft Tissue Sarcoma Companies

  • Epizyme, Inc
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • NanoCarrier
  • Philogen
  • Lytix Biopharma
  • Karyopharm Therapeutics
  • Genentech
  • Nanobiotix
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Eisai
  • Daiichi Sankyo
  • Hutchison MediPharma
  • Merck & Co
  • Incyte Corporation
  • Pfizer
  • Rafael Pharmaceuticals
  • NewVac
  • Hillstream BioPharma
  • Shanghai Junshi Biosciences
  • AstraZeneca
  • Monopar Therapeutics
  • Adaptimmune
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • AVEO Oncology
  • Novartis
  • Kyowa Kirin
  • Macrogenics
  • Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
  • Chia Tai Tianqing
  • Pharmaceutical Group
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • SYZ Cell Therapy
  • Presage Biosciences
  • Cebiotex
  • Cyteir Therapeutics
  • Apexigen
  • Guangdong Xiangxue Precision Medical
  • And many others


Table of contents

1. Key Insights

2. Executive Summary of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

3. Soft Tissue Sarcomas Market Overview at a Glance

4. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Disease Background and Overview

5. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Epidemiology and Patient Population

6. Case Reports

7. Country Wise Soft Tissue Sarcoma Epidemiology

8. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Treatment and Management

9. Unmet Needs in Soft Tissue Sarcoma

10. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Marketed Drugs

11. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Emerging Drugs

12. Soft Tissue Sarcoma 7 Major Market Analysis

13. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Market Outlook: The United States

14. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Market Outlook: Europe

15. Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Market Outlook: Japan

16. Access and Reimbursement Overview of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

17. Market Drivers

18. Market Barriers

19. SWOT Analysis

20. Appendix

21. DelveInsight Capabilities

22. Disclaimer

23. About DelveInsight


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