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Li Linxuan, an environmental practitioner – Make environmental engineering smarter

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Li Linxuan, an environmental practitioner – Make environmental engineering smarter

April 27
17:23 2022

Miss Li Linxuan has been engaged in environmental engineering for more than 7 years since she was a college student. Professional, rigorous and pragmatic are many people’s comments on her. With the good educational background and long-term research efforts of the Master of Engineering (environment direction) of Melbourne University, she gained many honors. In 2021, she was responsible for developing the real-time data analysis system of environmental engineering evaluation, the intelligent water control operating system based on cloud platform, and the process control system of environmental engineering projects. She invented the “on-site intelligent environmental monitoring device”. She was invited to attend the 7th International Conference on Progress of Energy and Environmental Engineering in November 2021 and gave a speech. She is the deputy editor-in-chief of Research on Ecological Environment Monitoring Technology and Environmental Restoration and the editor-in-chief of Atmospheric Environment and Restoration … In her office, a large stack of certificates is the best proof of her professional ability.

The 10,000-hour law in the industry

“If you persist in doing one thing for 10,000 hours in a field, then you will become an expert in this field.” This is the famous “10,000-hour law” put forward by the writer Gladwell in the book Aliens. In the past seven years, Li Linxuan has done a lot of research, development and innovation in the field of environmental engineering. And she’s completely in line with this law.

In 2021, she joined the 3D printing construction project in Australia as an independent consultant first. This project needs to evaluate the impact of printed cement on the environment. How to recycle construction waste into cement for 3D printed buildings after treatment also needs research and evaluation. During the project, Linxuan also studied the use of traditional building wood and the use of wood in 3D printed building, and concluded that every villa could save at least 80% wood by the method of 3D printing construction. She suggested that the prefabricated panels of 3D printed buildings should be processed in the factory, thus reducing the noise by 80% compared with traditional construction. Linxuan’s participation in the project makes the establishment of 3D printing construction project more detailed, fully considering the possible environmental problems of the new 3D printing technology in the Australian construction industry, and proposing improvement schemes. As a brand-new attempt in the Australian construction industry, Li Linxuan has always been carrying the image of environmental protection and innovation. No matter how many attempts and improvements, she has always adhered to the concept of green building and energy reuse, making this Australian 3D printing building project a combination of green, innovation and technology.

Humanity Care for the World in Engineering

Industry pioneers should not only show their technical strength in the professional field, but also show their due responsibilities and responsibilities at critical moments.

Linxuan actively integrates the scientific and environmental protection of 3D printed buildings into the project, breaking people’s prejudice against 3D printed buildings so that people can see concrete buildings in the future and feel the representative of artificial intelligence. At present, any structure in the world is destroying the earth. The higher significance of 3D printed buildings lies in that it can reuse the abandoned resources that are destroying our living environment and are good building materials in the original sense. This is not only a moral problem in design and architecture. She stressed that the industry driven by 3D printing architectural design will build a bigger new world with public art and humanistic care everywhere.

Intelligent environmental engineering system based on integration

To sum up, what Li Linxuan is best at is to make full use of Internet resources and artificial intelligence technology to build a smart environmental engineering system through rational use of natural resources.

In the utility model patent “Intelligent Environmental Monitoring Device for Construction Engineering” obtained in 2021, Li Linxuan disclosed an intelligent environmental monitoring device for construction engineering, which opened the door for the technical field of environmental monitoring. The whole device comprises a box body, a rotating cover, a detector main body, a lifting mechanism, a driving component, a dust expelling component and a dust collecting component; The lifting plate controlled by the lifting mechanism can drive the rotating cover to open or close in real time through the driving assembly, so that dust can be prevented from falling into the box body after the detector body is accommodated; The dust removal component and the dust collection component can remove dust from the detector main body when the detector main body extends out and is stored in the box body, which is beneficial to more accurate detection and prolonging the service life of the detector main body. It solves the problem that when the existing intelligent environmental monitoring device for building engineering is not in use, dust is easily attached to its interior, which easily affects the accuracy of environmental detection. At the same time, three IoT softwares, namely, real-time data analysis system for environmental engineering evaluation, process control system based on environmental engineering and intelligent water control operating system based on cloud platform, have been developed. It is oriented to different industry fields, and solves the substantial operational problems.

Linxuan is becoming more and more familiar with 3D printing architecture, just like an old friend, making urban architecture a sustainable circular economy, and making environmental engineering constantly solve practical problems. As a leader in environmental engineering industry, Li Linxuan is not only pursuing environmental engineering industry, profit structure and people’s livelihood, but also seeking how to make environmental engineering play a greater role in circular economy to serve the society and mankind. 

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