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Fishing World has opened a global beta, helping to bring GameFi into the next wave

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Fishing World has opened a global beta, helping to bring GameFi into the next wave

December 30
22:22 2021

It is reported that the global large-scale game Fishing World will open its public beta to global players in November 2021. During the private beta, it has been supported and loved by many players. The game will continue to be optimized during the open beta and will continue to be optimized and upgraded based on user experience in the future.

Fishing World is an on-chain game based on NFT for item binding. GameFi’s track is completely vertical and features a large fish pond on a chain based on the metaverse concept. Initially there will be only 150 fish ponds, each of which will be individually contracted to the players. After purchasing part of the fish pond area, each game player can obtain the NFT file representing the scope and location of the fish pond. By identifying this NFT file, the fish pond contractor can regularly collect the income brought by the fish pond operation, and of course can resell and auction these NFT through the secondary trading market. More players make money by paying time to catch NFT of various fish in the game’s fish pond and selling them back to the pond.

Despite the current market popular swim field, but in terms of the current games market, financial attributes too dense is one of the main disadvantages, most swim advocating P2E gameplay, focus on gold, the game is not the slightest playability, the game is no longer, more like a financial product, severely hampered the sustainable development of the chain to swim. Fishing World puts gameplay first and foremost, introducing finance into games while also building the heart of one of its games — players’ second life!

Fishing World is co-funded by Kashbet, Twin Apex Capital and Spark Digital Capital, In addition, Fishing World has been added to Yield Guild Games’ gold list as one of the next key areas of development.

Kashbet is a world-renowned online board and card game company founded in 2008 and headquartered in Manila. Enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Its sports betting, electronic entertainment and other popular in Asia, well received by players. In October 2011, KSH was granted isle of Man license, which not only symbolizes the legality, reliability, security and integrity of KSH website, but also represents the strong financial guarantee and good reputation of KSH website. At present, there are more than five million online users, and more than 1,000 new users are added every day.

YGG is a chain game guild focused on PlayToEarn in the traditional sense. YGG “Gold Guild” brings players together to earn revenue through NFT chain games. Twin Apex Capital is a blockchain-based private equity firm that invests in emerging crypto assets and blockchain projects. Spark Digital Capital was founded in 2017 as an international cryptocurrency venture Capital fund. Twin Apex Capital and Spark Digital Capital are very pleased with the initial review of the proposal, team and vision for the Fishing World project.

The circle of the meta-universe brings an interesting development direction to the chain. The community, players, guilds, and traders are still waiting for the next “dark horse” phenomenon to emerge in chain gaming, and Fishing World is definitely one of them. Fishing World is essentially a business model powered by blockchain technology that allows players to recharge and play games to gain in-game assets or token ownership. Most of the money in Fishing World games no longer goes to the big centralized gaming companies, but to the best players. By participating in the in-game economy, players can create value for other players and developers. In turn, players are rewarded with in-game assets. These digital assets can be any crypto asset whose rights are validated on the blockchain. Fishing World is more focused on maximizing player involvement while generating profits.

Fishing World has new growth opportunities in NFT. Design companies and celebrities are selling fish ponds, fish, batteries and bullets as NFT, and “releasing NFT” is as popular as releasing an unexpected album. Indeed, musicians and athletes are embracing the possibility of earning royalties on the sale of NFT assets, in the hope of creating a new system of ownership that is not bound by traditional broker practices.

In the second half of chain games, gameplay is the most important thing. Fishing World focuses on the pain points of the market, prioritises the fun of the game and innovates the chain game field. Playing and earning both is Fishing world’s biggest advantage! As Fishing World’s game offerings continue to improve, so does its market ecology. Fishing World is now a popular game in many countries around the world, and Fiss’s circulation value continues to grow. Fishing World has every reason to believe that Fishing World’s excellent product design and strong ecological layout will help propel the next wave of connected games.

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